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Principal's Deskprincipal dr. savita dutta

My colleagues and I are pleased to welcome you to Maitreyi College.

Education is the best asset of a nation. Maitreyi is an endeavour to contribute to Higher Education not only by enabling students to get a degree in Science, Commerce and Arts, but also inculcate in them the ability to think creatively and to possess good communication skills. Maitreyi is committed to learning and we offer a wide range of opportunities along with necessary support, guidance and advice which is a characteristic feature of a dynamic and successful College.

Maitreyi has seen tremendous success over recent years.  The College has been awarded Star College grant for providing excellent facilities in Life Sciences, faculty training in new teaching methodologies in UK and an innovative programme of  P.G. Diploma in Nanotechnology. With this Maitreyi College has become the first and the only College in the University of Delhi to start a course in Nanotechnology. 

We aim at maximizing students' experience. We recognize your potential and allow you to work towards all round development and help you to achieve your goals. We want that the three years you spend in Maitreyi are meaningful, that you gain in terms of education and personality enrichment.

Please ensure that you are well informed about activities in the College by visiting the College website regularly. I look forward to our mutual enrichment, while you are in Maitreyi. Our alumni are doing us proud both in India and abroad and I am sure you will be happy to be a part of success story that is MAITREYI.

Best wishes


Savita Datta                               




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